I’m a software engineer with 12 years of experience. I’ve started my career when I was 12, playing around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, creating small websites for companies in my hometown in the country-side of Brazil. Soon, I fell in love with dynamic languages like PHP. I also had a crush with graphic design.

In 2004 I went to a technical school where I learned hardware and programming languages like Delphi and C++. After that, I studied 4 years of Computer Science, where I could improve my skills with other languages like Java, #Net and mainly web-related technologies. 

In my professional career, I spent 6 years working for big companies like Accenture, Sydle, Avenue Code, and after that, I founded my own web agency, called Verticis. After 2 years, I’ve created my first startup, called, that is today one of the biggest ticket-selling platforms in Brazil. During that time I gained experience and passion for managing people and leading tech teams.

Today I work in the Silicon Allee as a senior front-end developer and tech lead at Infinitec Solutions, one of the ventures backed by the giant FinLeap

I build web apps. My passion is front-end development. But I also know how to build performant and modern server applications and I have huge experience with mobile development. I speak Portuguese, English, ein bisschen Deutsch, React and Node.js. I believe beautiful user interfaces are one of the keys to great experiences

If you want to know more, please contact me. I’d love to chat or have a beer.